Lotus Chaat Menu

  • Puri Bhaji

    Puri made of flat rounds of flour that are deep fried and served with spiced potatoes

  • Papdi Chaat

    Deep-fried, puffed flatbreads topped with potatoes, yogurt, and tamarind and mint sauces. (V)

  • Pani Puri

    Bite-sized puffed hollow pastries, thin and crackly, filled with a stew-like blend of potatoes, chickpeas,
    onion, chili and served with tamarind-mint water. (V)

  • Dahi Puri

    Crispy little round breads, their tops broken open, interiors filled with a mix of mashed potatoes, chili
    and lightly sweetened yogurt. (V)

  • Chole Samosey**

    Samosa pastries stuffed with peas and potatoes, accompanied by a vibrant spiced chickpea stew. (V)

  • Chole Bhature

    Big, deep-fried puffy breads made of fine-grained wheat flour, served with spiced chickpea stew.

  • Bhel Puri

    Savory, crunchy puffed rice with assorted vegetables, peanuts and tangy tamarind sauce; sweet and spicy. (V)

  • Aloo Tikki Chaat **

    A North Indian potato croquette, pan-fried and served hot with chickpea stew. (V)


V = Vegan; G = Gluten free; **Served hot
Most items can be prepared VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE ~ Ask your server.

We only accept online take-out orders during opening hours.

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We take Visa, Mastercard, and Discover for a minimum check of $15; otherwise, cash only

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